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Professional washing and ironing, in Salò

Our own laundromat, right next to the car wash, offers an unrivaled level of service when it comes to the washing and ironing of clothes, including jackets, but also your linen, and more. Our customers enjoy a unique experience and a viable alternative, both in terms of price as well as quality.

For your pets

Need to wash your dog's blanket? Sometimes it can be a struggle to find a place where you can wash your pets' clothes or accessories. And it is for that very reason that we offer you a washing machine plus a dryer, specifically dedicated to the washing and drying of animal clothes and accessories. This would include things like horse saddles or doggy blankets. We have special machines for this exact purpose. That's because we know that these materials require serious hygienic intervention, that is not necessarily necessary for the other garments that you are washing. Remember no one else offers this particular service. Take advantage of it!

Laundry services

We do not offer a laundry service alone. Our services go way beyond simply washing and drying. You can also request a dedicated ironing service, so that you have a properly cleaned outfit for special occasions, but also for everyday life. Upon special request we will also perform small repairs to clothes and carpet upholstery. We sew hems to your trousers or other clothing. Need special hygienic washing for your kids' underwear? We use a hypoallergenic substance that is specially formulated to prevent unpleasant surprises when it comes to you and your baby's skin.

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