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Lavanderia Car Wash: Speed and Precision

Manual car wash in Salò

Looking for a professional car wash that knows how to handle both the interior as well as exterior of you car? Lavanderia Car Wash is your answer: We do a thorough, detailed job, using only the very best products that suit your specific car upholstery best. A complete 360​° service.

Quality and professionalism

Satisfaction is guaranteed with the quality of service you will find at Lavanderia. We aim to please, and we succeed too, as we pay the utmost attention to every little detail of your vehicle. We wash both the inside and the outside or your car entirely by hand, using special products to treat those difficult spots and seat belts. We offer a special hygiene treatment where we employ high pressure steam for removing the most stubborn of stains and odours. Even the odour of cat urine is no problem for us! All our services are performed exclusively by experienced personnel who know just how to clean. It is one thing to clean, but it is another thing altogether to clean without even the slightest of scratches. We do a professional and thorough job when it comes to your car's upholstery.

Who we are

Our car wash business is based in Salò. Our excellent prices and outstanding service have earned us an unmatched reputation among our current and prospective clients. We are a respected player in the car wash industry. At Lavanderia we aim to be extraordinary in everything we do, and our clients' satisfaction are testimony to our success. We wash the interior and the outside of cars as well as bikes. We employ only the very best in body-specific treatments and car upholstery products, depending on the relevant material that you need cleaned. Don't forget our self-service car wash option that is open from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 22:00.

For more information, call us at +39 380 373 9992!

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